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At our office, your first visit is booked with the dentist for approximately 60 minutes. During this visit, we will establish your medical and dental history, discuss with you what your concerns are, and overall goals for your oral health, and determine your current oral health status.

To determine your current oral health status we start with a full exam which includes TMJ analysis (joints of your jaw), soft tissue analysis (looking for any sores, abnormalities, etc.), and a hard tissue analysis (checking teeth for decay, jaw bone for cysts or defects, etc.).

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Orthonova hospital has been the leader in the field of orthopaedics like knee replacement, total knee replacement and partial knee replacement. Our surgeons and hospital provide best knee replacement at affordable prices and costs. For the last 25 years, it is indeed delivering the best orthopaedic care to the region. All the latest techniques be it closed interlock nailing for fractures, Computer Navigation in the knee and hip replacement, customized knee replacements, Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction, mosaic plasty (cartilage grafting) in sports injury etc. Orthonova paved the way thereby bringing relief to thousands of suffering people.

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Digiengland Digital Marketing Marketing Company in Jalandhar, Punjab, services are unique in that we thrive on delivering all top-notch online services under one roof. Our team is experts in SEO, SMO, SEM, website design and development, social media marketing, video graphics, pay-per-click, content writing, lead generation, and content strategies.

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Massage parlors can be an excellent way to relax and unwind from the stress and strain of daily life. However, as with any service industry, it is essential to prioritize safety and security to create a comfortable and safe environment for clients and staff. This article explores the measures that massage parlors can take to ensure their premises are safe, secure, and comfortable for all.

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