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AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

How to Crack CA Foundation Exam in the First Attempt? - AJ Next Education

CA Foundation is an exam held by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICA). As the exam is for one of the most sought out fields in the country, they are pretty hard. The hard work that goes in by the ones who attempt is the determinant of success.

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/how-to-crack-ca-foundation-exam-in-the-first-attempt/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

Top 5 Tips & Strategies to clear CA Final Exam in First Attempt - AJ Next

The field of finance is one of the most sought out career options to look out for in India. With the number of applicants that apply each year, only some crack the exam to become a Chartered Accountant. The exam is conducted by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) which is divided into three levels, CA foundation, CA intermediate, and CA finals.

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/tips-and-strategies-to-crack-ca-final-exam-in-first-attempt/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

Top 5 reasons why you need to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance - AJ Next

Finance and accounting have been one of the most sought out career options in our country. Finance in one way involves managing money and the second part of its study of the processes to acquire finance. It defines the study of money, credit, investment, and assets that comprises to make a financial system.

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/5-reasons-why-you-should-build-a-career-in-accounting-and-finance/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

Top 5 high paying professional courses after 12th - AJ Next

A prevalent belief, of science jobs from medicine and engineering fields paying more than commerce jobs is no more relevant. Courses after 12th commerce in India have come out as one of the highest paying courses.

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/highest-paying-professional-courses-after-12th/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

Top different career options for low scoring students - AJ Next

Even after the exam season is done, choosing a career path and getting into the best college in town takes up a lot of stress. Scoring high is great, but scoring low is not the end of the world. Marks are important but not the only factor that decides what a student is worth. Even if you scored below your desired target, CA inter classes in Mumbai provide you with some courses and career options that can be pursued for a bright future

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/top-different-career-options-for-low-scoring-students/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

ACCA vs CA - Know the difference. Which is the best course for a bright career

Ever since one is on the lookout for CA Classes in Mumbai, there is also one constant query asked by students and aspirants: ACCA vs CA- which is better and tough? There are several comparisons between the ACCA and CA Curriculum. The single most noticeable distinction between them is that CA is a local qualification while ACCA is a foreign qualification or a global professional degree.

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/acca-vs-ca-which-is-better-and-tough/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

Is It Possible to Crack CA Foundation without Coaching? | AJ Next Academy

One question that usually comes to the mind of every student deciding to study CA is whether he will be able to pass his exams with Self Study or is it necessary for him to join some good coaching classes?

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/crack-ca-foundation-without-coaching-is-it-possible/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

Is it a Good Option to choose CA after 12th Know Why? - AJ Next

If you are pondering upon the question of Whether CA is a Good Option after 12th, then as the best classes for CA in Mumbai, since the past 15 years our answer at AJ’s Education NeXtwould be an emphatic yes!

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/is-it-a-good-option-to-choose-ca-after-12th-know-why/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

What are the Best Ways to Study Maths and LA for the CA Foundation?

All those who are appearing for the CA foundation level, must be well aware of the fact that cracking the math and Law papers need two very different approaches. By its very own subjective nature, math is a subject that needs quick wit, logical approach, spontaneous solution and a conceptual learning process for the best results.

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/study-tips-for-ca-foundation-papers-math-law/

AJ Next 10/06/2022 · en

How and Where can I get the Best CA online Classes in Mumbai, India - Ajnext

The future of education was always digital. COVID 19 simply accelerated the process. We are carried away by the existing problems faced by online education. And to an extent, it is true that some students are more efficient in the traditional classroom education instead of the online education.

Read More: https://www.ajnext.com/how-to-choose-the-best-ca-online-classes-in-mumbai/

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