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If Google understands your content better, you will reach a higher level of search, which means live traffic, conversions, and revenue. Even better, SEO on the page improves user experience if you do it right On-page SEO (or on-site SEO) is the process of making web pages ranked higher in search engines for specific keywords in order to increase organic traffic. It involves aligning page-level features such as title tags, titles, and content as well as the search purpose with a specific set of keywords. Professional SEO is compared to on-page SEO optimization
Some SEOs use the terms “SEO page” and SEO SEO interchangeably. But I like to keep them separate. In my opinion, SEO SEO deals with things like page speed and site speed, duplicate content, site layout, crawling, and targeting. In other words, technology development is focused on your entire website, while page layouts are focused on specific URLs. Why is on-page SEO optimization so important?
Google is constantly changing its search algorithm. In 2021, it conducted 800,000 tests and updated the search algorithm more than 5,000 times.

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