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Email Marketing and Campaigns in Odoo | CandidRoot Solutions
In a business, marketing of Company and Products will gain new customers. Company should not market its product and services but it can also create marketing campaigns to pass information for discounts and offers by emails and social media.Email marketing is a subset of online marketing when it applies correctly in the business then it will be highly successful.

“Email Marketing In Odoo” is a perfect solution to create and send personalized emails. You can send your company’s Newsletter quickly in a standardized manner with tracking the results of your campaigns. It means some information like Open Emails, Open Rates, Bounced Email and Unsubscribed list.

Some Benefits of Email Marketing

• It is cost effective, As some online platform charges monthly rates and free plans for some limited number of Emails
• It includes many predefined Email templates and easy to design new one using Drag & Drop snippets
• Tracking options allow you to better understanding of your customers
• It is easy to achieve better target your campaigns by Email services Ids which offers the possibility to make segmentation of subscriber’s list

In this blog, We are going to explain the details about Odoo Email Marketing apps.
Getting Started With Email Marketing

First Install Email Marketing App from App List

Once you install Email Marketing Application, The UI will look like this,

To start a New Campaign, You can click on Create Button.

Now, Enter Few details in the Campaign
Name of the Marketing Campaign
Specify Recipients : Here there are some options
• Applicant
• Contact
• Event Registration
• Event Track
• Lead/Opportunity
• Mailing Contact
• Sales Order
• Mailing List

Select Template : There are many inbuilt templates available which can be fully customized based on your needs. You can add any elements lie Text, Logo, Image, Separator, Button etc to email layout by Drag & Drop of snippets. You can also adjust elements sizes and rearrange their position by single click.

Add images or Marketing message to the template

Set Delivery Option, Sender’s Email, Reply To, Sender’s Name, Attachment If any from Setting Menu

After sending an Email Marketing Campaign, You can also keep track record of Number of Sent Emails, Percentage of Received, Opened, Replied and Bounced Emails. This will help businesses to get the details of the outcome of Campaign and if needed you can also make some changes if needed.

Marketing Campaigns In Odoo

Marketing Campaigns give the best result by attracting customers and vendors. By using the right mode of marketing, companies can inform about various offers and discounts to their potential customers.

In order to create Marketing Campaigns, users should enable the “Mailing Campaign” in the Email Marketing Module.

Go to Settings → Enable mailing campaigns and Save it.

Once you Enable Mailing Campaign options, users can create marketing campaigns for business. From the Dashboard of Email Marketing, You can create new campaigns for various marketing emails and send push notifications to customers and potential users.

Create a New Campaign with Fill the details like Campaign Name, Responsible and Tags and Save it.

You can send a Mail Campaign right away or Schedule it for later and after sending the campaign you can check the campaign from Dashboard itself.

You can select Push Notification or a Social Media post from the campaign Dashboard. It will open up a new window where you can choose details for the website for which push notification needs to be sent if it is a multi website. Message and attachment can be set which can be sent right away or scheduled for later. You can also see the preview of Push notification from the Right Side.

Once you post Push Notification, It can be visible from the Dashboard. You can see all the details like Mailings, Notification Created, Quotation, Revenue etc

Conclusion :

This is all about Email Marketing and Campaigns in Odoo 13, It is a great way to deal with it as it is more affordable and Environment friendly promotions as it is paperless and which causes a low waste. Nowadays Email Marketing and Push Notifications are very successful as people are now spending more time over online websites. CandidRoot, Odoo Service Provider Company is always ready to help you for Implementation of Email Marketing and Campaign for your business by providing various Odoo services.

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WordPress Theme Development for Ecommerce Business - CandidRoot

CandidRoot is pioneer name in WordPress theme development and custom solution provider for your website theme. We can develop your dream theme from scratch.

Candid Root 03/01/2022 · en

Android Application Development Company | CandidRoot Solutions

Android Development

CandidRoot is one of the leading Android Application Development Company that is successfully developing various Android Apps because it’s the need of an hour. We all know that Android phones which we call it as smart phone are so much in use these days. From teenagers to adults to aged people, everyone is making use smart phone for their own reasons or leisure. It’s the time when several android application are made available on the phone itself and many people are enjoying or benefitting from it. Since smart phones have become a huge success in the market, the use Android Apps have increased. Over the time, we have known the importance of developing Android Apps; hence we have a skilled and efficient team that relates with the current trend and develops Android Apps that are totally worthy and a hit.
Any query or anything that is important to us is looked upon in the smart phone with the help of Android Apps; hence we understand how important it is to have a sound and interactive apps. To have such apps made that are friendly and useful, you must have a technologically sound team with creative minds and we are blessed to have such ones. We develop custom Android Apps so that each owner has their own separate ways of handling and presenting the app. Most of the people in metro cities mainly depend on such apps to satisfy their needs and to look out for something in need because it is practically difficult to visit each and every place in person. We would say that having an Android Apps is an added advantage to your business because it will help your business get highlighted in the crowd. These android applications are surely a ways by which you can mark your presence. It is clear and there is no doubt that these Android development apps will bring in more people to you and helps in faster communication.
Our team members are highly innovative and they keep pacing with the current trend therefore they can provide with Android Apps that can truly keep up with the trends of today. All the members of our team remain on toes so that nothing on a newer side goes unattended and unknown. You are all aware that everything around us especially something that’s in the phone changes in a short time therefore the makers of the apps have to be vigilant to see the change and implement it while making the Android App. The makers of these apps also provide Android App Solution just to ensure that clients don’t get stuck in the middle. Lets meet and join hands so that we can give away one the best Android App development to you.

Candid Root 30/12/2021 · en

Mobile App Development Company for Android & iOS- CandidRoot Solutions

CandidRoot is One of the top Mobile App Development Company in Ahmadabad, India, We providing full services in web & mobile application at at incredibly cost effectively.
CandidRoot Solutions covers the entire mobile app development cycle, no matter how diverse or complex your needs are. Our ability to meet your requirements originate from our expert developers, who have years of experience in global app solution services and product engineering industries.

Candid Root 27/12/2021 · en

Best 9 Differences Between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Best 9 Differences Between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Nowadays, Every company wants to earn more business through websites and to do this companies have started developing Mobile applications and mobile websites instead of desktop websites.

Today's world desktop website has depreciated because everyone has a smartphone and is spending more time over a mobile phone compared to a desktop and most of the things searching from mobile devices.

Most of the users are not aware about Mobile applications and mobile websites are the same or not but it is true that both are used on the same platforms like Smartphones or tablets.

Mobile apps is a software application that is specifically designed to run on any mobile device. Mobile websites are specifically designed which can run in mobile browsers.

We know that mobile apps and mobile websites are not the same so let us check differences between mobile apps and mobile websites.

Differences between mobile apps and mobile websites

Difference In Used Purposes
As mobile app and mobile website are not the same then the purpose of both is not the same,

Mobile applications are stored in specific user’s mobile devices and some offline apps can also work without internet connection and mobile apps are based on user specific requirements.
Mobile websites are specifically designed for communication with larger audiences, Target audience and promotional audience. The mobile website’s objective is to promote business services, specific events and promotions.
Different types of access on Mobile devices
For mobile applications you have to download a mobile app from the app store, Android users download it from Google Play Store and Apple users download it from Apple Play Store.
This downloaded mobile app will be stored in Android or Apple mobile devices and most of the app can run without internet connection on the mobile.
Mobile websites can not download from any store or stored into mobile devices. If any mobile users want to access a mobile website then users have to use a mobile browser and write URL or search it from any search engine like Google, Yahoo or bing.
So users can not store a website in a mobile device like a mobile app and internet connection is required to access any mobile websites from mobile devices.
Types of Update Policy
Mobile app users update the mobile apps once it has been notified by the app store once the mobile apk is updated by the mobile app development team.

A mobile website can be updated without any notification to end users.

Quick response
Mobile websites have a quick response once they click a URL while a mobile app takes time to open on a mobile device.

Mobile websites are easily compatible and integrated with other third party web services or mobile services like SMS or Email while mobile apps are not easily integrated.
Mobile apps need to be developed for different versions of OS and mobile devices but mobile websites can easily run in any type of mobile devices.
Mobile websites can be easily shared with other users by a simple link or URL but mobile apps cannot be easily shared to other users by a simple link.

Also mobile website’s link can be shared via blogs, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Text messages, Email etc.

Support and maintenance
The cost for mobile app support and maintenance is more expensive than a mobile website.

Customer discovery and Customer Retention
In Mobile websites it is not downloaded and stored to mobile devices so it can be reached to the customers so it will create new customers for your business.

In Mobile apps it is downloaded and stored into mobile devices so no other customer or user will come into the mobile app and this is the only one way to retain customers.

Spending money
Today we all know that most of the users are using their smartphones to buy products and all are comfortable with mobile apps rather than mobile websites while online shopping.

Business owners who own business of Ecommerce or online shopping then customers are more comfortable to download mobile apps in their smartphones and open the app as and when they require to buy something so this type of transactions are more in the mobile app rather than mobile website so investors spends more money for Mobile Application Development rather than Mobile Website.

If you are thinking about which is best among mobile apps or mobile websites then you can look into differences between mobile apps and mobile websites. Again it purely depends on your business ideas and strategy.

Both are good for business because if you are having a small business and your target is to gain new customers coming to your website then you should go for a mobile website. If your business is big and your target is to give a seamless experience to your buyers then you can go with a mobile app and both are beneficial for your business.

Candid Root 23/12/2021 · en

Best Wordpress Website Service Provider Company -CandidRoot Solutions
We are professional WordPress service provider and Ecommerce website development company. We provide custom WordPress solutions as per your requirement.
It’s all about work and not words because one can describe with words beautifully but the real scenario comes when your work speaks. The team of expert WordPress developers at CandidRoot is highly focused and has a sense of development along with innovation when it comes to WordPress Website Development. We believe that it is all about understanding client’s needs, building a repo and matching up with their frequency so that we can deliver what they want. Here are the services that we provide to our clients.

Candid Root 20/12/2021 · en

How WordPress Customization Helps To Create Great Blogs
It is easier to customize WordPress as per customer’s specific and design requirements. This is the reason why WordPress has attracted the people to build good CMS websites compared with other frameworks.

Candid Root 20/12/2021 · en

Website Form Builder In Odoo | CandidRoot Solutions

Website Form Builder In Odoo

Odoo 13 Website Form Builder

In Earlier versions, Form Builder was part of Odoo Enterprise edition but from Odoo 13 Website From Builder moved to community version.

Drag & Drop snippets will allow you to create different forms which can be used to input the organizational information as a contact form to collect customer information. Let’s check this in detail.

• Go to Website
• Create New Page (Contact Us)
• Drag & Drop Snippet (Form Builder)
• There are some Form Parameters
o Apply For A Job
o Create A Customer
o Create an Opportunity
o Sales Order
o Create A Task
o Send an Email

Let’s Create A Customer :-

You will Find following field in the Create A Customer Form

• Name
• Email
• Phone
• Company Name

Add a Custom Field

It is Easy to Change Heading Of Form, Fields Name and Form will look like this,

Fill up all the details of From and Send it, It will redirect you to Thank you Page.

Now, You can see that Customer is already created in the back-end.

Conclusion :

This is all about Form Builder in Odoo 13 Community Version and It is easy to get customer information using Website Form builder. Using Odoo Implementation added this feature to work effectively in your business.

Candid Root 14/12/2021 · en

E-Learning Module In Odoo | CandidRoot Solutions

E-Learning Module In Odoo

How Odoo e-Learning Helps Your Business

E-learning Module introduced in Odoo version 13. It provides opportunities for creating online courses, Enabling the users to join and complete the online course with rules configured while creating the course.

This module also provides some features like configure quizzes, badges, Beautiful dashboard for currently logged in users, Status of courses which he or she joined, badges, Rank and user profile information.

Overview of E-learning Module Feature :

• ‘Karma Points’ bases on Rules
• Check Number of Views in Course
• Add quizzes for each lesson
• Reward points based on the number of attempts
• Flexibility to add multiple lessons in each course
• Extended Leader-board
• Latest achievements

Let’s discuss in detail about the Odoo E-learning module.
First step is to Install e-learning module from apps,

Creating Course
E-learning → Courses → Create
Once you install the module and go to the e-Learning Module you can see the e-Learning Overview. From here users can create or edit existing channels or courses.

User can give title of Course and add content or lessons to that course

Description Tab is to define description of that course

Options Tab : User can configure Course Type, Enroll Policy, Responsible, Websites, Allow Ratings, Forum, Visibility and Featured Content.

Karma Rules : Users can set the rewards points based on particular action

Statistics : It gives statistics about that course about presentation, videos, Documents, Watch time etc

Adding Contents or Lessons to Course
e-Learning → Courses → Contents
• Define title for content
• Users can add presentations, Info-graphics, Video, Web-pages, Quiz, Certification etc.
• In the Document sections other fields like Course, Type, Attachment, Uploaded By, Website Preview Allow, Duration etc

External Links Tab : Users can add titles and external links of content which will help students or visitors to learn much better about the subject or link related to the content.

Quiz Tab : Here users can define rules, Marks as per attempt and Questions and its correct answers for quiz.

Click on Add a line to add new questions, Users can add Questions with multiple choices and define correct answer for that question.

Viewing Courses On Website
Website → Courses
Now visitors can check courses from the website by clicking on the “Courses” Menu from the website.
Users can join in any course by clicking on the Pick a course button.

Users can click on the My Courses button to see their picked courses and there are some filters like Your Level, Your Role, Tags etc as per configured from backend.

Select any course from the website and start learning it.
• Users can give reviews for this course
• Forum to Questions and Answer about that course
• Quiz attempt after learning from the course.

From Home Tab of the Courses, User can view dashboard which will give activity status of logged in user including current rank, Next Rank, Badges etc

Click on the “View” button, You can see the profile of the user, Courses and completion percentage of the joined courses, Badges of user etc

Conclusion :
Hope you got an idea about the E-Learning module of Odoo and find the features of the E-learning Module in Odoo 13 amazing ! CandidRoot, Odoo Service Provider Company is always ready to help you for Implementation of E-Learning Or Learning Management System (LMS) for your business by providing various Odoo services like Odoo implementation, Odoo integration, Odoo Customization, and much more.

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