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Jagruti Rehab 07/07/2022 · en

Can a Drug Addict fully recover without going to Rehab Centre? Jagruti Rehab

We at Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre, India’s leading drug rehabilitation centre in Pune, firmly believe that trying to recover from an addiction without the help of a medical professional is not advisable as it is unsafe and fraught with tremendous danger.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/how-does-jagruti-rehab-centre-help-a-recovering-drug-addict-&-alcoholic-addict.html

Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en

What are the signs and symptoms of cannabis addiction? | Jagruti Rehab Centre

Researchers at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have found that 7.2 million people in India are addicted to cannabis — charas, ganja, bhang — as it is known locally.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/cannabis-addiction-signs-and-symptoms.html

Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en


Because it is a brain disorder, and the brain is a complex system of nerves, the treatment of this disorder is also a bit typical. However, it is one of the easily curable ones.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/how-is-schizophrenia-treated.html

Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en

How to Handle Difficult and Abusive Family Members? Visit Jagruti Rebab Center

People think that treatments are made for the patients. But they forget about how difficult it must be for the entire family to adjust with the changing routines due to the treatment process. If you think a family member's job ends by admitting the patient to the deaddiction centre in Mumbai, then you might be slightly misguided.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/be-your-guide-dealing-with-abusive-family-member.html

Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en

How Social Media Addiction is affecting the Mental Health of New generation

While we may comfortably assume that depression, anxiety and stress are all adult issues of growing up and facing life, WHO tells us from its reports that 50% of all mental disorders are established by the age of 14.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/how-social-media-is-affecting-the-mental-health-of-new-generation.html

Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en

How Long Does Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Take? Visit Jagruti Rehab Centre

When you build an addiction for anything in life – be it alcohol, drug or even if some type of food addiction – you do not build it in overnight


Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en

How Biophysical Treatment Works and What It Is? Jagruti Rehab Centre

Does treatment only mean eradicating the symptoms directly related to the disease? It doesn’t. Drug Addiction is a disorder, and that is the case with mostly all disorders. Jagruti Rehab Centre is the Best mental hospital in Mumbai and Pune.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/biophysical-addiction-treatment.html

Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en

How to Stop Nicotine Addiction Forever Immediately : Join Jagruti Rehab Centre

Nicotine affects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) by binding to acetylcholine receptors causing behavioral effects.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/how-to-stop-nicotine-addiction-forever-immediately.html

Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en

What is the difference between anxiety, Stress and depression?

In our life everyone sometimes feel anxious or depressed. Anxiety and Depression are human emotions that are common reactions to modern life’s various challenges. It could be losing a loved one, the fear of losing your job or status, going through a divorce or even facing important exams.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/difference-between-depression-and-anxiety.html

Jagruti Rehab 07/06/2022 · en

What are Positive and Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia changes how one thinks feels and acts. It affects different people differently. Its symptoms also keep on coming and going. The symptoms of schizophrenia appear gradually in an individual and they appear sporadic. People with the condition usually aren't aware that they have it until a doctor or counselor tells them. They won't even realize that something is seriously wrong.

Read More: https://www.jagrutirehab.org/what-are-positive-and-negative-symptoms-of-schizophrenia.html

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