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Rapid Repair 01/12/2022 · en

MacBook Pro Not Charging? Pro Tips to Fix the Issue

If you are reading this, there are high chances that your MacBook Pro is not charging properly, and you are looking for solutions to fix the issue. Take a breather! It is not an unusual problem and several Apple devices face this MacBook not charging issue, even the iPhones have their fair share of struggles.


Rapid Repair 30/11/2022 · en

The ‘Snake of Death’ Issues & How To Get Rid of These Problem In An Apple Watch – A Guide

Are you someone who loves going about their daily jogs, runs, or cardio exercises? Are you someone who’s well-versed with the fitness trends that go around the world and love your Apple Watch for being the right fit for all your fitness trends? If yes, then you are someone who understands the capabilities of the new-age Apple watches and knows its true worth but sometimes even the best offerings from Apple can end up giving you nightmares.


Rapid Repair 07/11/2022 · en

How to Fix iPhone 12 Pro Dropping Calls Issue?

Many iPhone users would have experienced the dropped call issue on their device at some point in time. Most of these iPhone 12 Pro dropping calls issues are the major reason why iPhone 12 keeps dropping calls.


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Rapid Repair 28/10/2022 · en

MacBook Repair: Common MacBook Issues and How to Prevent Them

Even though MacBook users pay a premium for their laptops, they should not expect faultless performance. Macs are famed for their dependability and longevity, but they are not without flaws, as is the case with any technology.


Rapid Repair 27/10/2022 · en

MacBook Air Display Replacement: Should you sell your broken MacBook or try to fix it?

Consider this You're drinking coffee and working on your #MacBookAir at home. Suddenly, something falls on you.


Rapid Repair 14/10/2022 · en

iPhone 14 Teardown – How the 14 Pro & Pro Max Differ from Their Predecessors?

Once again, after a hiatus, Apple seems to have gone for innovation rather than tipping their price points. That’s our first verdict as we settle for the Apple iPhone 14 teardown, which tells us that even though repairing the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max might be easier than before it is certainly going to cost your pockets more.


Rapid Repair 12/10/2022 · en

Apple Smart Homes – How To Connect Your Apple TV To WiFi Without A Remote?

Now, it is more about sophistication and quality. Especially when it comes to Apple – people and expectations both have risen to the challenge.


Rapid Repair 23/09/2022 · en

MacBook Pro 2022 – Complete Tear-Down Guide

Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 2022 with a M2 chip in this year’s edition of the WWDC event, which was held in Apple’s HQ in California. But to say that it is a brand new offering – different from the MacBook Pro with an M1 processor – is quite an understatement if Apple geeks and fanatics are to be believed.


Rapid Repair 19/09/2022 · en

Apple Watch Pro Not Compatible With Certain Straps – Let’s Find Out What’s Cooking

If rumours will have it, and sources are to be believed, the new Apple Watch Pro is said to be incompatible with older watch straps from the same company. Duh! Well, not surprised to be honest.


Rapid Repair 19/09/2022 · en

iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Max Speaker Not Working? Apple’s Replacement Program & Things To Know

The world of Apple and netizens floored by their constant upkeep and manufacturing might have to – for the first time – accept the flaws and shortcomings in the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max models manufactured between October 2020 and April 2021.


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