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A Non-Fungible Token, also known as NFT, is a digital asset or a digital certification of an asset. These digital tokens are non-fungible; hence they cannot be interchanged or replicated. NFTs are built on a blockchain network that allows them to store data and information securely and prevent theft of data. Each NFT possesses a unique value that provides proof of authenticity and ownership of the digital asset.

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Non-fungible tokens are traded in a special platform known as the NFT marketplace. It is a platform where all the transactions of the digital assets known as NFTs take place. The users can sell, buy and exchange their digital assets. The marketplace is built on a blockchain network, thus, the ownership of the NFTs that are bought can be traced back to their original owners. The creation of NFT marketplaces has increased due to their immense popularity. There are many varieties of marketplaces like open type and exclusive type.

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Security token offerings or STOs as they are commonly abbreviated came as the second attempt to unify blockchain and investments. Precisely addressing the territory that ICOs missed out in, STOs are completely compliant with the regulatory requirements of compliance-establishing bodies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). this makes them highly dependable and completely legal.

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The cryptocurrency sector has emerged as the tycoon of the digital business world. It has revolutionized the way digital financing works for business models. The entire digital business community is intrigued by the rapid stardom of cryptocurrency. The primary reason for its success is that this digital platform provides smooth, reliable, and frictionless transaction processing for businesses. It has always been a great contributor in terms of generating high profits. It seems that the cryptocurrency field has no drawbacks, but it has one; the volume of usage of this platform has drastically increased in the past couple of years, which has led to many manual human errors. In order to rectify these drawbacks, we at Infinite Block Tech create a trading bot platform known as a crypto algo trading development platform for our business models.

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ICOs have winged its way over the recent years, and the volume of ICOs being carried out has increased, and it continues to grow rapidly. In this highly competitive scenario, what will make your ICO significant from others, and will draw customers’ attention towards your ICO, over your competitors is your marketing strategies. Marketing is an ultimate tool that can not only build brand awareness, but also increase sales, grow your business drastically, and help you engage with potential customers. With a solid marketing structure, you can generate highly favorable outcomes. So, let’s take a look at some of the key marketing strategies and the ICO marketing cost involved, to help you gain a clear picture, and make your ICO noteworthy.

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Parachains are the key to develop a Polkadot Blockchain. A parachain is a simplified version of the blockchain, it attaches itself to the security protocols provided by a relay chain. The relay chain initiates security to parachains and also gives a guarantee of secure communication-passing between them. The latter eliminates the requirement for bridging contracts since communication-passing is integrated into the protocol.

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Crypto world empowered by the evolution of blockchain technology and ungovernable cryptocurrencies. The escalation of Altcoins in the cryptocurrency network impels the solution of a decentralized wallet, a digital wallet that holds and manages the transaction of cryptocurrencies.

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Legalization is a very important aspect of the smooth execution and operation of your altcoin. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly analyze, and adhere to every essential legal framework, before commencing your altcoin creation. Consulting expert advice is a wise choice here to ensure a strong foundation for your business.

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The tremendous profits gained by the ICO investors in recent years have triggered the interest of many investors to make investments with ICOs. Infinite Block Tech provides optimized and stable Initial Coin Offering Development to Launch Your Own ICO.

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ICO( Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising mechanism where a cryptocurrency project company or a startup sells a part of their issued tokens/coins to early investors in exchange for legal tender or established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, to raise capital for their venture.

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